Apr 08

The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

The African Hebrew Israelites have lived in Dimona for three generations, claiming their history brought them back to this land. Members of the tribe? Israel is not convinced

By Debra Kamin April 7, 2014, 11:59 am 47
An 89-year-old elder of the community. (photo credit: Debra Kamin/Times of Israel)

DIMONA — If you ask Ahmadiel Ben Yehuda where in the world Israel is located, he will give you a mega-watt smile and tell you that without a doubt it sits in Northern Africa, that the Middle East is actually geographically on the African continent and that he and you and everyone else around you are, in fact, African. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 08

Ahkvah Students Win Regional Chess Competition

Fifth grade students from Akvah, our community school, recently demonstrated how possessing discipline, obedience, and the spirit of Yah make winners.

On March 21, 2014, six boys and one girl were examples of how focus and humility brought home a victory in one of the most challenging intellectual games in the world: chess. They swept the ten other schools from the southern region and brought home a trophy, medallions and honor to Akvah School.

Members of the chess team

Members of the chess team

The victory was so complete and overwhelming that we were jokingly told by the other schools, “Don’t bring these children back here! They are the professionals!”  Everyone wanted to know, “How old are they?” and “Is this their first year of chess instruction?”  The students participated in their school uniforms, and looked different.  Yet, under such an intense spotlight, the students remained a unified and coherent group. The sponsors even brought us vegan food for lunch.

 “I was proud of these young people because they maintained a high standard of performance under pressure,” said their coach, Ahk Ammishuv Ben Israel.  “For three years we were denied any recognition as we learned the proper rules and scoring methods they used, but this year we mastered the entire game on the board and in the back room, and look forward to the nationals in June.”

The Winners' Medallion

The Winners’ Medallion

Our students followed their instructions “to the T,” followed the protocol of shaking hands before, and after each game, and were dominant on the board; even correcting the errors of their opponents…while in play!  Our children were exceptional in every way.  They practiced the rules and lived it.


Here are their names and scores:


Students:      Game 1              Game 2           Game 3        

Elivahav          +                              +                   +

Yochai             +                              0                   +

Elichai             +                              +                   +

Shai                  -                              +                   + 

Osher               +                              -                    +

Efrat                 -                              +                   +    

Yohasiel           +                             +                   + 


+ = win    – = loss       0 = draw

Apr 01

Time to confront and tame the ‘R word’

Ignorance and insensitivity must be unlearned and replaced with understanding; it cannot be imposed or legislated.

03/31/2014 21:29

Klu Klux Klan

Klu Klux Klan Photo: REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

Earlier this year in the UK, Conservative MP Aidan Burley was compelled not to seek reelection for another term after revelations surfaced of his involvement in obtaining a Nazi uniform for a stag party. The groom who wore the uniform was prosecuted and fined in France, where the wearing of such is illegal. In 2009, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem called for Romanian mayor Radu Mazare to resign after he and his teenage son wore Wehrmacht uniforms to a fashion show.

A decade earlier, the mere rumor that Tom Green, a popular MTV host, had attended a masquerade party in Gestapo costume led to his show being canceled and skyrocketing career derailed. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 16

The Village of Peace Trailer

The film, which was produced and directed by Ben Schuder and Niko Philipdies, with executive producers Jack Madigan, Aaron McCreary and Amar’e Stoudemire, chronicles the African Hebrew Israelites, a community who migrated from Chicago to Israel in the late 1960s, and intertwines the story of four villagers to provide an in-depth and moving view into the community. The film made its world premiere Jan. 31,2014 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival before continuing to other film festivals, and, eventually, a TV or cable broadcast premiere.

Feb 16

Exploring the African Presence in the Promised Land: The Sacred Visitation Experience

Wading In The Jordan River

Wading In The Jordan River

Tens of thousands of African and African American visitors to Israel come and go without an inkling of information that affirms their intimate links to this ancient land and its people.  

For starters, they are never even told that they are in Africa, walking and riding on the African tectonic plate.   Aside from possibly seeing a few Ethiopian Jewish residents, it is unlikely that they will ever see any of the thousands of people of African origin who have lived continuously for centuries in this crucible of culture and conflict.Because of these intimate historical and cultural connections, we are not tourists!  Sacred Visitation excursions hosted by the African Hebrew Israelites examine these organic links with this land, and reconnect you with your land and people… with yourselves! Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

African Hebrew Development Agency in Kenya


AHDA is proud to be an officially registered Local NGO in the Republic of Kenya. We have developed partnerships with African Boreholes Initiatives, Ltd., Darko Orphans and other agencies in an effort to mitigate drought and food security issues, offer bio-organic agricultural training and education, and regenerative health workshops.

Jan 25

Press Release of MEADUC

Dimona, Israel – A coalition of African Bedouin, African Palestinians, Ethiopians, Hebrew Israelites, and Eritreans have established the Middle East African Diaspora Unity Council (MEADUC). MEADUC is the first non-profit organization to be established by the diverse African communities living in Israel and the Middle East.

The chief mission of the Middle East African Diaspora Unity Council is to organize these various communities of African origin throughout the “Middle East,” in compliance with the invitation from the African Union (AU) and join them as official members. By working in conjunction with the worldwide African Diaspora, under the AU’s “African Diaspora Sixth Region Policy,” MEADUC members and other selected groups from the African Diaspora will become voting members of the AU.

MEADUC is committed to helping resolve conflicts that may be unique to the African Diaspora in the Middle East. National and local governments may be unable or unwilling to undertake measures to combat illiteracy, poverty, famine and AIDS.  MEADUC can address these and other social ills through education and the raising of awareness of the causes of these conditions.

Coming together from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, MEADUC members agreed to set aside their differences and create a common vision of economic and social sustainability, through principled unity, trust and integrity as their priorities.

Since the beginning of recorded history, the Middle East has been the geographic crucible of civilization. As much as war and conflict has penned the pages of Middle Eastern history, the populace of these lands has given the world some of our most spiritually transforming, life-regenerating and socially redeeming ideas. Following in this tradition, MEADUC will strive to be among the “New Voices and Visions for Peace,” helping to bring a peaceful and harmonious reality for the inhabitants of the planet, as part of an ideal human civilization.

Jan 14

Israelite Youth Expect another Success at 2014 Biannual International Conference Themed Around Restoring Value to the African Village

Armed with the success of their first confere2012 International Youth Conference_Seminarnce in 2012, the youth of the African Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel deeply anticipate their upcoming International Youth Conference, scheduled for July 8 – 27, 2014. This year’s conference, spearheaded by the Youth on the Move, the international non-profit juvenile division of this community whose stated goal is to positively influence, involve and activate the minds and the character of the youth globally, promises to be a progressive, fun-filled event. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 02

The Health Literacy Series

It is said that in the ancient Orient, doctors’ salaries were suspended if their patient became worse; the doctor himself being held responsible for all expenses. It was agreed that the doctor’s job was to keep people well. The Shurai, a three-thousand year old Chinese book, distinguishes five levels of doctors according to the type of medicine being practiced. The highest doctor is the sage; he is followed by the food doctor.… The most revered doctor, the philosopher doctor, teaches about the harmonious order of man and his world. The teachings of the food doctor are classified as preventive medicine, which is known as the medicine of longevity. – Healing Ourselves by Naboru Muramato

fruit_wallThe salient point in the above reference is that a true doctor is a teacher. In our community, we teach that becoming a Divine doctor is a limited career undertaking. With this understanding, we in our Ministry of Divine Health are accepting the challenge to teach the members of our community to be “health literate”. This is the impetus of the Health Literary Series we present four times per year during our live weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 09

Affirming Greatness unto Yah!

I find joy and fulfillment in freely giving and receiving which creates a flow of Yah abundance in my life!
I am a whole soul, living in this whole kingdom, loving it with my whole heart, being a light unto this whole world!
I respect the earth and honor its infinite gifts; I listen quietly as it shares its secrets, reveals its wisdom and enhances my life!

Our wealth comes from our connection to Yah and one another!
The essence of our wealth is our spiritual currency. Don’t let anything impede its flow; keep the love going and coming!

Upon the mountain and under the heavens I declare unto Yah and His Holy creations, that I give honor and thanks and lift up the living savior which Yah has sent to save my soul, my people and the human family!!
When we speak truth, kind words, praises and thanks, we create a joyful, sweet sound in the universe and put a smile on Yah’s face!!

Written by Kokahvah eshet C. Elirahm

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