Apr 15

National History Month Celebrations

During this wonderful, New Year, Holy Day season, our community celebrates its National History Month, which is sponsored by The School of the Prophets Institute. We learn from the Headmaster and Dean of the Institute, Dr. Khazriel Ben Yehuda, the meaning and purpose of this month:

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Mar 31

New World Passover

NWP2014_EDV_2952Our deliverance from America to the Promised Land has been an experience of which we all have a fresh perspective and personal testimony.  For that reason, “New World Passover” was ordained unto our generations, as was the Passover of old, in which the Children of Israel are to celebrate and give thanks unto Yah for His Merciful hand.  If not for Ben Ammi’s vision of 1966, we would have no cause for celebration.
Ben Ammi is responsible for the repatriation of Africans in America to our ancient homeland, Israel, and the subsequent establishment of the long-awaited Kingdom of Yah on earth!

Mar 23

Hebraic New Year – March 21st

And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.” – Exodus 12:1-3


The Hebraic New Year/“ראש השנה”

        Let it be known to all citizens of the Kingdom of Yah, that the Hebraic New Year “ראש השנה” is fastly approaching. We will celebrate the Hebraic New Year on Aleph B’Aviv, Yom Shabbat, the 21st of March 2015, according to Yah’s appointed seasons. Therefore, on Yom Sheeshee, the 20th of March 2015 at the setting of the sun, we will officially bring in the New Year with a National Prayer

Feb 16

The Village of Peace Trailer

The film, which was produced and directed by Ben Schuder and Niko Philipdies, with executive producers Jack Madigan, Aaron McCreary and Amar’e Stoudemire, chronicles the African Hebrew Israelites, a community who migrated from Chicago to Israel in the late 1960s, and intertwines the story of four villagers to provide an in-depth and moving view into the community. The film made its world premiere Jan. 31,2014 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival before continuing to other film festivals, and, eventually, a TV or cable broadcast premiere.

Feb 16

Exploring the African Presence in the Promised Land: The Sacred Visitation Experience

Wading In The Jordan River

Wading In The Jordan River

Tens of thousands of African and African American visitors to Israel come and go without an inkling of information that affirms their intimate links to this ancient land and its people.  

For starters, they are never even told that they are in Africa, walking and riding on the African tectonic plate.   Aside from possibly seeing a few Ethiopian Jewish residents, it is unlikely that they will ever see any of the thousands of people of African origin who have lived continuously for centuries in this crucible of culture and conflict.Because of these intimate historical and cultural connections, we are not tourists!  Sacred Visitation excursions hosted by the African Hebrew Israelites examine these organic links with this land, and reconnect you with your land and people… with yourselves! Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

African Hebrew Development Agency in Kenya

AHDA is proud to be an officially registered Local NGO in the Republic of Kenya. We have developed partnerships with African Boreholes Initiatives, Ltd., Darko Orphans and other agencies in an effort to mitigate drought and food security issues, offer bio-organic agricultural training and education, and regenerative health workshops.

Apr 09

Affirming Greatness unto Yah!

I find joy and fulfillment in freely giving and receiving which creates a flow of Yah abundance in my life!
I am a whole soul, living in this whole kingdom, loving it with my whole heart, being a light unto this whole world!
I respect the earth and honor its infinite gifts; I listen quietly as it shares its secrets, reveals its wisdom and enhances my life!

Our wealth comes from our connection to Yah and one another!
The essence of our wealth is our spiritual currency. Don’t let anything impede its flow; keep the love going and coming!

Upon the mountain and under the heavens I declare unto Yah and His Holy creations, that I give honor and thanks and lift up the living savior which Yah has sent to save my soul, my people and the human family!!
When we speak truth, kind words, praises and thanks, we create a joyful, sweet sound in the universe and put a smile on Yah’s face!!

Written by Kokahvah eshet C. Elirahm