Feb 11


With more than 40 years in the Holy Land, the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem have managed inarguable string of achievements: men who are capable, responsible and caring; women who are valued as equals and encouraged to achieve; children who are protected, nurtured and encouraged to grow and appreciate the Creation and respect their role in it; elders who are healthy, vital, revered for their wisdom and knowledge and expected to continue as integral, functioning parts of the community. These are the very tenants that once were the hallmarks of successful, progressive societies. Whatever might be said about the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, above all, it must be recognized as a tangible, viable and more importantly, righteous, alternative for those who long to see peace, justice, mercy, truth, love. Selah


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  1. Tsadeeka Baht Yisrael

    Phenomenal!!!!!!! What the world needs now is a viable solution/role model/Genesis Idea/Landmark to direct
    societies back to the only workable order that is guaranteed to succeed!!!

    So, get on the bandwagon lovely people, as Ghana, etc. did in adopting the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem’s Regenerative Health and Nutrition Project (Healthy Lifestyles) and the National Service Personnel accommodating.

    We are presently blessing Africa and all nations with our most recent publication in a time of mandatory lifestyle change for those who desire optimum health, healing, along with physical immortality:

    “Regenerative Health & Nutrition Healthy Lifestyles Training Manual

    Produced by the African Hebrew Development Agency (AHDA), a Hebrew African Amemrican community of Dimona, Israel, who has been able to improve their life expectancy by simply observing basic preventive and promotive health. The book is based on what is termed the “Dimona Model” of Health Development.

    Yah Yah(ho)wah Khai! :)

  2. ade`

    Blessings. Yah Be Praised :-)

  3. Lady Eddiesteen Burno

    May Passover week Bless all of you as you rejoice and be glad.

    We are preparing for this great event here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania we endeavor to obey the Most high and all he has spoken.

    Give all the brothers and sisters our best regards as we pray for your success for Yah is able to do all things.
    Be Blessed. Looking forward to purchasing the books authored by your leader Ben Ammi in attempt to reopen our school. Yah has delivered and set more minds free and the books written are positive for the return to the ancient of old.

    May Yah bless and keep you feel welcome to visit whenever any of you are in the states.

    Yours In Love
    Lady Eddiesteen Burno

  4. Diane

    Hi I found out about all this just a few weeks ago, and I find it absolutely fascinating! I even did a college term paper on the subject. I love Israel, and the thought of “going home” has always been a dream (and I never knew why). One problem: in the official sense, I am “white”. Not albino, and not vitiligo (although I have a prominent largewhite spot on my back that appeared out of nowhere as a child), but olive. There is no record of my family’s arrival in America, only that we have been here since at least the early 1700’s in the South, considered “white” even though there are numerous “free blacks” and “free mulattos” spattered everywhere (no slave owners or drivers), at times when it was completely not permissable for whites and blacks to intermingle; with black-sounding names here and there among the “whites” throughout my tree, even now (we are all actually olive complected to varying degrees, since before the photograph. Very Dominant even among offspring of known very white English).

    I am engaged to a “black” man, and as a singer who loves the styles of soul, motown, and spirituals, I totally mesh better with his culture than I ever did the culture I grew up in.

    Would I, though a technically “white” person, engaged to a “hebrew israelite” person, be accepted into a community such as yours

  5. Robinnetta Brady

    Shalom ***grateful for the chance to learn about our people ***

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