Apr 09

Affirming Greatness unto Yah!

I find joy and fulfillment in freely giving and receiving which creates a flow of Yah abundance in my life!
I am a whole soul, living in this whole kingdom, loving it with my whole heart, being a light unto this whole world!
I respect the earth and honor its infinite gifts; I listen quietly as it shares its secrets, reveals its wisdom and enhances my life!

Our wealth comes from our connection to Yah and one another!
The essence of our wealth is our spiritual currency. Don’t let anything impede its flow; keep the love going and coming!

Upon the mountain and under the heavens I declare unto Yah and His Holy creations, that I give honor and thanks and lift up the living savior which Yah has sent to save my soul, my people and the human family!!
When we speak truth, kind words, praises and thanks, we create a joyful, sweet sound in the universe and put a smile on Yah’s face!!

Written by Kokahvah eshet C. Elirahm


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  1. Chris

    I am motivated by Ben Ammi’s books. I would love to join the African Hebrew community to dedicate my life to Yahweh. Is there any way this can be possible?

  2. Emanuel

    This is a beautiful spiritual piece that only fits a being who is in total harmony with Yah’s creations. And this being is the Hebrew Israelite. Yahkhai!

  3. Philipholman32@yahoo.com Holman

    I love what has lead the holy spirt to guide you to the best leadet we have in ben ammi ben israel, as your abba I love what you are bring to the people, keep up the good work, love always win.

    P.holman-bey-el king yah isreal

  4. Princess Quo'isha

    I to is also motivated by Ben Ammi’s books and will love to join the African Hebrew Comunity!!! :-)

  5. Serayfah

    Shalom,Kog Samah! Thank you for sharing the true gift of a yah filled life. Kadeemah Yah oomelah!


    There are no smiles like the smiles from Yah’s Holy Saints – the sacred seeds – their smiles totally envelope you with warmth and love Being in the midst of the Saints, serving in Yah’s Kingdom is my greatest joy. My life moves onward and upward with Yah filled with peace and happiness and joy no more anger, no fear, no more sadness do I feel Yah’s given life to my soul and peace to my spirit that feels only joy once again – a new life He has fashioned for me – a new peace am I finding in His words – From my tears and my sadness He’s formed a life filled with gladness that only trust In His love could bring – my life moves onward and upward with Yah – what more could I ask for what more do I need His love is sufficient for me – it comforts and enfolds me – it takes care of all of my needs – I am moving onward and upward with Yah thanks to our Great, Benevolent Merciful and Loving Father Adonanu HaMasheak if not for His teachings, His understanding, steadfastness, His love for Yah and His people I don’t want to think about how my life would have been.

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