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The Health Literacy Series

It is said that in the ancient Orient, doctors’ salaries were suspended if their patient became worse; the doctor himself being held responsible for all expenses. It was agreed that the doctor’s job was to keep people well. The Shurai, a three-thousand year old Chinese book, distinguishes five levels of doctors according to the type of medicine being practiced. The highest doctor is the sage; he is followed by the food doctor.… The most revered doctor, the philosopher doctor, teaches about the harmonious order of man and his world. The teachings of the food doctor are classified as preventive medicine, which is known as the medicine of longevity. – Healing Ourselves by Naboru Muramato

fruit_wallThe salient point in the above reference is that a true doctor is a teacher. In our community, we teach that becoming a Divine doctor is a limited career undertaking. With this understanding, we in our Ministry of Divine Health are accepting the challenge to teach the members of our community to be “health literate”. This is the impetus of the Health Literary Series we present four times per year during our live weeks.

The Health Literary Series began in March of 2008 and is designed to reinforce the minds of all who attend. We give all honor and thanks to our anointed leader, Ben Ammi, who is the master teacher, and has inspired us to replicate him in our endeavors. Over the course of time, we have covered many topics such as “The Importance of the Dietary Laws,” “The Serious Dangers of Cell Phones,” “The Righteous Power of the Sun,” “The Diabetes Pandemic/Epidemic: A Reality for Vegans” and “Immortality: Living Within the Everlasting Cycles of Yah”.

The Health Literary Series continues to inform, encourage and inspire our community members and the guests who attend, towards physical immortality. Most of the seminars have been audio and video recorded and we hope to have those presentations available very soon for anyone who wants to enhance their literacy in health.

Written by Rofeh (Dr.) Elrahm Ben Israel


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  1. Amatsiah

    Excellent…looking forward to being able to receive the classes in audio, video or written form! Keep up the great work! Yah Khai!

  2. Shamariel

    Checking in and seeking a way back home!!!


    I am so grateful to “YHWH” THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL – OUR KING for directing you to email this

    information, “THE HEALTH LITERACY SERIES”, as we have great need and anticipation of KNOWLEDGE

    AND WISDOM to fuel the VESSELS OF THE MOST HIGH according to Genesis 1:29 and Leviticus 11:, etc.

    We would LOVE to obtain THE ENTIRE SERIES thus far, for we STRIVE to become HEALTHY and HOLY

    VESSELS fit for THE MASTERS USE (inside & out)! We eagerly await your reply with all of the information to

    expedite its arrival. May YHWH BLESS Ahtur exceedingly, abundantly above ALL you may ASK OR THINK

    and Numbers 6:23-27. SHALOM, Sister Yahvet

  4. /Sharon Amadi

    Asante sana for this website. I, too, left the u.s. for my life’s wellbeing for obvious reasons. I have no regrets but am thankful that was able to get out and try to live a healthier life. Thank you for this website, much peace and love to you all, Sharon

  5. Mahskeelah

    Todah Robah for the much needed Information. Looking forward to more. Shalom.

  6. Achote HeLah

    Todah Rabah, I am greatly looking forward to the seminars as they are made available.

  7. Tsadeeka Baht Yisrael

    Yah Khai! Todah rabah our beloved Ministry of Divine Health for sharing such uncommon knowledge with our community and the universe. Distributing gift packages of the “true wealth”–our health!!!!!!!

  8. Nimbona appolinaire

    Thank you very muach!

  9. Nimbona appolinaire

    Thank you very much to all who publish this page

  10. Yiore Ben Shaul Ha Cohane

    From the youthful stage, till now, I do not regret my efforts and endevours, in living life as prescribed by Yah, through our Anointed Lord and savior, Ben Ammi Ha Mashiakh.
    I am in the East coast of Azaniyah, South ward in Eden. I have been in this journey since 1996.

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