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Israelite Youth Expect another Success at 2014 Biannual International Conference Themed Around Restoring Value to the African Village

Armed with the success of their first confere2012 International Youth Conference_Seminarnce in 2012, the youth of the African Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel deeply anticipate their upcoming International Youth Conference, scheduled for July 8 – 27, 2014. This year’s conference, spearheaded by the Youth on the Move, the international non-profit juvenile division of this community whose stated goal is to positively influence, involve and activate the minds and the character of the youth globally, promises to be a progressive, fun-filled event.

2012 International Youth Conference SeminarThe members of the Youth on the Move (YOM) are busy setting the stage and rallying around a conference theme based on “The Restoration Village”, inspired by the visionary, detailed formula put forth by the community’s anointed spiritual leader, Ben Ammi Ben Israel. This formula lays out how to revitalize the African village as a center to produce sound leadership for the human family and to be the light for a new ecologically-sound social order. This life-centered village utilizes the Village of Peace, as the African Hebrew Israelite Community is known, as its working model. The international youth participants will have the chance to gain vivid vision and understanding of the Restoration Village, as well as share ideas for realizing its beauty and benefits.

The 2012 conference was attended by a large group of youth from Texas and some also from Atlanta and Chicago jurisdictions of the Hebrew Israelite Community, along with youth from the Youth Visions youth organization based on the U.S. east coast. They all plan to return, with the addition of youth from Kenya, recently befriended by YOM members who traveled there this past summer as a part of the Youth Award Project in Israel. Youth are also expected from Ghana and other parts of the world.

The conference will include a full array of activities, such as round-table discussions, visitations to the different sites and people of interest in the land of Israel, exquisite dining and plenty of fun recreational and sports events. The unified spiritual and intellectual flavor expected to blossom from this upcoming conference has both youth and adults excited and focused on the preparations for success.

Zvenah E. S. Elyashuv

Shaleak Ben Yehudah Writers’ Guild

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