Jan 25

Press Release of MEADUC

Dimona, Israel – A coalition of African Bedouin, African Palestinians, Ethiopians, Hebrew Israelites, and Eritreans have established the Middle East African Diaspora Unity Council (MEADUC). MEADUC is the first non-profit organization to be established by the diverse African communities living in Israel and the Middle East.

The chief mission of the Middle East African Diaspora Unity Council is to organize these various communities of African origin throughout the “Middle East,” in compliance with the invitation from the African Union (AU) and join them as official members. By working in conjunction with the worldwide African Diaspora, under the AU’s “African Diaspora Sixth Region Policy,” MEADUC members and other selected groups from the African Diaspora will become voting members of the AU.

MEADUC is committed to helping resolve conflicts that may be unique to the African Diaspora in the Middle East. National and local governments may be unable or unwilling to undertake measures to combat illiteracy, poverty, famine and AIDS.  MEADUC can address these and other social ills through education and the raising of awareness of the causes of these conditions.

Coming together from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds, MEADUC members agreed to set aside their differences and create a common vision of economic and social sustainability, through principled unity, trust and integrity as their priorities.

Since the beginning of recorded history, the Middle East has been the geographic crucible of civilization. As much as war and conflict has penned the pages of Middle Eastern history, the populace of these lands has given the world some of our most spiritually transforming, life-regenerating and socially redeeming ideas. Following in this tradition, MEADUC will strive to be among the “New Voices and Visions for Peace,” helping to bring a peaceful and harmonious reality for the inhabitants of the planet, as part of an ideal human civilization.

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