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Exploring the African Presence in the Promised Land: The Sacred Visitation Experience

Wading In The Jordan River

Wading In The Jordan River

Tens of thousands of African and African American visitors to Israel come and go without an inkling of information that affirms their intimate links to this ancient land and its people.  

For starters, they are never even told that they are in Africa, walking and riding on the African tectonic plate.   Aside from possibly seeing a few Ethiopian Jewish residents, it is unlikely that they will ever see any of the thousands of people of African origin who have lived continuously for centuries in this crucible of culture and conflict.Because of these intimate historical and cultural connections, we are not tourists!  Sacred Visitation excursions hosted by the African Hebrew Israelites examine these organic links with this land, and reconnect you with your land and people… with yourselves!

Walking In Jerusalem

Walking In Jerusalem

The standard two-day Sacred Visitation (from Dimona in southern Judea to Jerusalem via the West Bank cities of Hebron and Jericho, with an overnight stay in Tiberias, where the second day explores the Galilee region and the Jordan River) is designed to give the participant a comprehensive experience, while by no means intended to represent the vast range of sites that the Holy Land has to offer.  Longer itineraries are available, as are custom-designed schedules geared to the individual’s interests.  We have also conducted dozens of excursions to the neighboring sites in the region, for example Petra in Jordan and, of course, the pyramids in Egypt.  The Sacred Visitation is designed to provide you with the essential keys to understanding the major issues – past and present – that impact upon our perception of the Holy Land: a look at its basic geographical location and geological makeup, its geopolitical importance, the historical context critical for understanding the biblical record and the major events in the ministry of Yeshua, and more.

Tourism is a major industry in Israel, but there is nothing comparable to the Sacred Visitation experience.  While our focus is often on “Exploring the African Presence,” that is merely one facet of our Truth-centered explorations.  More than once, eavesdroppers from other groups have expressed their appreciation for the information being shared that was not part of the groups they were with.

The Sacred Visitation experience is a dynamic and exciting way to see the land of Israel, with each journey as unique for the guide as well as for our guests.  As such, we make the Holy Land and the Bible come alive!

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