Apr 08

Ahkvah Students Win Regional Chess Competition

Fifth grade students from Akvah, our community school, recently demonstrated how possessing discipline, obedience, and the spirit of Yah make winners.

On March 21, 2014, six boys and one girl were examples of how focus and humility brought home a victory in one of the most challenging intellectual games in the world: chess. They swept the ten other schools from the southern region and brought home a trophy, medallions and honor to Akvah School.

Members of the chess team

Members of the chess team

The victory was so complete and overwhelming that we were jokingly told by the other schools, “Don’t bring these children back here! They are the professionals!”  Everyone wanted to know, “How old are they?” and “Is this their first year of chess instruction?”  The students participated in their school uniforms, and looked different.  Yet, under such an intense spotlight, the students remained a unified and coherent group. The sponsors even brought us vegan food for lunch.

 “I was proud of these young people because they maintained a high standard of performance under pressure,” said their coach, Ahk Ammishuv Ben Israel.  “For three years we were denied any recognition as we learned the proper rules and scoring methods they used, but this year we mastered the entire game on the board and in the back room, and look forward to the nationals in June.”

The Winners' Medallion

The Winners’ Medallion

Our students followed their instructions “to the T,” followed the protocol of shaking hands before, and after each game, and were dominant on the board; even correcting the errors of their opponents…while in play!  Our children were exceptional in every way.  They practiced the rules and lived it.


Here are their names and scores:


Students:      Game 1              Game 2           Game 3        

Elivahav          +                              +                   +

Yochai             +                              0                   +

Elichai             +                              +                   +

Shai                  -                              +                   + 

Osher               +                              -                    +

Efrat                 -                              +                   +    

Yohasiel           +                             +                   + 


+ = win    – = loss       0 = draw


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