Youth on the Move Seminar

YOM-LogoAt the conclusion of the 2014 International Youth Conference held at Dimona, Israel H.E. Ben Ammi commissioned those youth that had gathered with a Divine Assignment.

They were to study and learn by heart , as well as be able to recite the five Sacred Truth Scrolls that he had written and published and present them at the 2016 Youth Conference.

Those who attended as well as those not in attendance were to absorb the content to the extent that they would be able to speak to other communities, at seminars and forums on their meaning and significance.

These presentations made by members of the Youth On The Move represented a major statement as to the third generations’ ability to articulate and comprehend foundational teachings of the Kingdom of Yah.

As a continuation of the theme of remembering how Ben Ammi has led the community collective conclusion was indeed “ there is nothing more sacred than Truth “.