The Prestigious School of The Prophets Institute celebrated another elevation ceremony.

Nine distinguished students graduated from the classes of Truth Communications, Divine Torah/Law Studies class and Divine Performing Arts. We are bestowing congratulations to:

  • Atur Anavyah ben Shaleak – Truth Communications
  • Aturah Marnina E. A. Anavyah –  Truth Communications
  • WOV Kahmudah Matanah B. Naseek Yaacov – Divine Torah/Law Studies
  • WOV Aturah E. Sar Khazriel –  Truth Communications
  • Aturah Tsiporah E. Anaviel –  Truth Communications
  • Aturah Kavivah B. Naseek Gavriyah –  Truth Communications
  • WOV Tmoonah E. Cohane Ahbir – Divine Performing Arts
  • Rofah Elanah Seemkiyah B. Naseek Eliezer – Divine Performing Arts &  Divine Torah/Law Studies
  • Yesha B. Naseek Gavriyah – Divine Torah/Law Studies

The Dean of Student Administration, WOV Shefrah B. Israel commended this graduating class with being “exceptional”, all highly active and productive in the African Hebrew Israelite community. Highlighting also their commitment to continual learning, having all achieved multiple degrees. Graduate Atur Anavyah was in the institute’s second graduating class in 1975 and now receives his bachelor’s degree in the institute’s most recently added class of Truth Communications.

The Headmaster and Dean, Dr. Khazriel B. Yehuda, in special remarks to the graduating class, elaborated on how the foundation of the institute has been firmly and perfectly laid, and emphasized the great significance of the new graduates being in alignment with that foundation, to build up the idea and works of this great institution. He distinguished their role as redeemers, and not just saviors, because saviors save someone from a situation, whereas redeemers save and also address what caused the need for salvation in the first place.

Sar Ahdeev, the Minister of Truth Centered Higher Learning -which encompasses The School of the Prophets Institute– clarified the difference between academics and truth literacy. “Truth centered learning is a process that will cause you to breath – truth is the breath of life -and to come alive to represent Yah Yahwah. Yah is representative of an idea of righteousness.”

The graduates will now go forth, applying this idea of righteousness at an even higher level of service.

Naomi Shmuel