Community commitment to health and vibrancy

One wonderful aspect of African Hebrew Israelite culture is our commitment to health and vibrancy. Incorporated within the spectrum of health and social welfare is one of our foundational practices; for everyone to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating massage at least once every month. To this end, several members in our community studied to become certified massage therapists, to service the needs of those in the community.

The benefits of massage include stress reduction, better circulation, relaxed muscles and the proper drainage of the lymphatic system. Let’s meet a few of the communities massage therapists who are busy providing these benefits to community members and guests.

The Forerunner

Rofah (Doctor) Afrah is at the foundation, massaging since she was in Monrovia,Liberia, where our community prophetically sojourned before our immigration to Israel. Rofah Afrah was trained by a man named Dr. Sidney at a Natropathic College in Chicago, in the mid 1960’s. She remembers massaging babies in Liberia, and even the community leader, Ben Ammi, when he suffered a basketball injury to his back. She has continued as a massage therapist in Israel for as long as the community has been established here.

Rofah Afrah says, massage is not just physical, but spiritual as well. Adding, it is very rewarding to help someone relax, relieve their pain and help to invigorate them. She advises, “those hesitant to get a massage should release your fears, because the massage therapist just wants to give you healing energy.”

Passionate and Persistent

Woman of Valor Kamoodah Matanah was inspired to become a massage therapist by another pioneer of massage, Emah Kavah. She arrived in the community’s early days in Israel, and trained several sisters in the therapy; always teaching that receiving a massage is essential for immortality. Kamudah Matanah is certified in several types of massage, including Swedish massage, reflexology and hot stone massage.

Her passion is evident as she encourages and interacts with her clients, sets up massaging booths at various outings and even works part-time at Israel’s prestigious Braysheet Hotel in Mitzpe Ramon.

“It means a lot to me to know I am helping others heal through massage”, Kamudah Matanah shares.

The Healing Touch

Woman of Valor Kaninah has been blessed with the healing touch from a young age. Still, she went on to train and be certified in deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone and Thai foot massage techniques, as well as chair and sports and recreation massage therapy. She wants to help people with healing themselves naturally. Judging by her continually full client schedule, she is doing just that.

Kaninah humbly comments that “It brings me joy to know Yah has chosen me to be a vessel where people can relax and receive healing energy”.

Positive Energy Touch Therapy

Cohane Ahbir is a much sought-after massage therapist who practices and promotes what he has termed, Positive Energy Touch Therapy – a synergy of various techniques such as Thai, Sweedish, shiatsu, and deep tissue massage, along with reflexology and chiropractic adjustments. He stresses the importance of this being coupled with a holistic lifestyle including exercise, a healthy diet and adequate rest and relaxation.

Cohane Ahbir focuses on opening body channels of respiration and circulation, detoxification, removing blockages, stress relief/relaxation, strengthening the immune system and aligning the body; saying, “When the body is properly aligned, it allows the natural vibrations of the universe to flow within it and provide positive energy for the mind. This creates a perfect atmosphere for the Holy Spirit.”

These are just a few of the community’s dedicated massage therapists who positively impact the health of our community members and contribute to our health and vibrancy. Hopefully, you are encouraged to make regular massage a part of your healthy lifestyle too!

Naomi Shmuel