Ghana Govt. Adopts African Hebrew Israelites Regenerative Wellness Program (Part 1, 2 & 3)


Part One

Part Two


Part Three


Youth Delegation from Ghana (Part 1 – Part 4)


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  1. This is extremely influential. I am a sister who is in the diaspora; disconnected from almost anything that is simplistic, divine reason. However, I know these essential truths. It has been my life goal to practice a healthy lifestyle for myself and my two sons (one who has autism). This site is a grand inspiration in a sea of confusion; as was the knowledge of this truth I had come to know many years ago. Though the challenges are are seemingly insurmountable, the effort to make the transition a struggle, I continue on…

  2. Really appreciate the information. I myself can say I have personal interest in the diaspora of my heritage. Really trying to find reason to not approve or totally regard this informational resource. I want to know more and possibly experience true, genuine, and logical reverence to what and who my lips speak. So thanks, and I hope for a response.

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